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Sergeant Manuel Argudin Perrino

The attack on Sunday, which killed two soldiers of the army, is the eighth perpetrated against armored of this type. An IED, the method most used by insurgents artifact was used in the attack. MSCO has much to offer in this field. The explosive charge was 20 kilos or even higher, according to the Minister Chacon. These vehicles were replaced the old BMR, which were less secure. The 5 missions military of Spain 97 Spanish soldiers killed in Afghanistan the attack on Sunday in which two soldiers have died in Afghanistan has been the eighth perpetrated against armored Lince or RG-31 of the Spanish troops and the first in which deaths are recorded. The two dead soldiers, Sergeant Manuel Argudin Perrino and soldier Niyireth Pineda Marin, moved into a Lynx along with other three soldiers (who were injured) when an artifact of great power has made explosion.

According to the Minister’s Dnsa, Carme Chacon, the explosive charge was very high, equal or superior to 20 kilos employed in the attack of the past Day 18. Since last year, Spanish troops operate in Afghanistan only with the new RG-31 armoured and armoured means Lynx, which replaced the old BMR and vehicles that had fewer security measures. Vehicles deployed to Afghanistan today, the Spanish contingent deployed in the ISAF mission in the Asian country has 67 RG-31 and 131 Lynx, all of them equipped with systems of inhibition of frequencies. Since these two types of vehicles arrived, Spanish troops have suffered eight attacks against them with mine hidden (including Sunday), four against armored Lynx and four others against RG-31. Deaths had been recorded in any of the above actions. Deceased with the last vehicles who died by an attack on a vehicle was the soldier John Felipe Romero Meneses, of Colombian origin, who died at the outbreak of an antitank mine to the passage of the BMR which was traveling and giving escort to a convoy of the world food programme in the town of Sang Atesh. In that attempted murder, perpetrated on February 1, 2010, other six soldiers were wounded. In the nearly 10 years of Mission in Afghanistan, are 14 Spanish soldiers who have been killed in direct attacks of the Afghan insurgency.

They are joined the 62 who have died of the accident of the Yak-42, 17 in which suffered a Cougar helicopter and other 4 by natural death. Artifacts FDI, the most lethal more than half of those who died in the mission ISAF in Afghanistan it have been as a result of attacks by IED devices as used this Sunday. According to ISAF data, during the 2011 year killed a total of 266 soldiers of this mission, while 708 were killed in 2010. Of these 266, half has died as a result of improvised explosive devices. The FDI have become the method most used by insurgents for attacks against international forces and the Afghan army soldiers, which are those who have suffered more casualties. All vehicles that use the Spanish troops in Afghanistan have systems of inhibition of frequencies, like those of most of the 47 countries that act in the Asian country. For this reason, the most widely used method is the so-called pressure, and not by radio dish. Source of the news: first fatal attack against armored Lince and RG-31 of the Spanish army in Afghanistan

The Year

Those who have Picardie but who still have not leaned his eyes to human miseries. They are Virgin’s many sins. In the poor universe and the cosmos of the more wealthy repeats the scene. Both in one or in another world. You are known to be poor camels, tired and thirsty, but happy to travel thousands of miles to bring and distribute extraordinary amounts of dream, of happiness, of joy. Many manufactured with veras trees Christmas trees and use your creativity to shape your ornaments things that recycle from chocolatines roles as did ever a grandmother who is no longer. Whatever it takes, the ceremony has to be ready on time.

For this reason, lustran best shoes of all sizes that will be placed, prolijitos under the tree, so they settle there, hopes. Everything good worth to bet on the chimera, also Debuts newborn new year as not do so with the finery that prepares the imagination. We are not like those wise men but do not leave after receiving his legacy. And the paradise of the great turns to emulate them to distribute much of its spirit. We stand after driven us, once we have recognized the star that has guided them since the history is history and we Guide. We prostrating before the miracle of that light that shines strong but that at this time of the year is seen in all its splendour, intensity and luminosity. To show you our hope in everything new, thanks to the good thing of the year that, old man, because it is going, and our redoubled commitment to more boys in whose little hands we already place the future of tomorrow which is already coming.

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