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Stanford Research Institute

He is understood as a corporate stakeholder to the actor that affects or can be affected by the activities of an organization. This term was used for the first time in 1963 at the Stanford Research Institute, conceptualized as groups without whose participation the Organization would cease to exist. Later in the mid-1980s, the American Professor of business administration, r. Edward Freeman was one academic noted for developing the theory of stakeholder, which focuses on the organizational management and ethics in business, with an emphasis on values and morals in an organization. From theory to practice from the traditional approach, organizations (companies) rely on its shareholders, partners or owners; in theory it is who make the financial economic contributions so they can be implemented and developed. Then, thanks to the function of the providers workers produce what it will be marketed and generate incomes that allow restart the cycle.

However, these four actors (investors, suppliers, workers and customers) aren’t the only ones really involved in this process. There are actually many other parts that act directly or indirectly and influence the course of the activities of an organization: from government agencies, communities, prospective employees, prospective and potential consumers or families, not to mention the competition. On the basis of this, the theory of Stakeholders suggested that for the formulation of adequate strategic planning of the business is you should take in consideration of the other parties, as they bring benefits or generate losses (of any kind) to the company. Use correct Etymologically, the word comes from the English stake (bet) and holder (holder); Therefore it can be inferred that a stakeholder is a person or group of people who have made a bet (investment) in an organization. From this perspective, can be understood by What affects or can be affected, but only from an economic and financial standpoint.

However, the term stakeholder has been confused and often misused within the business context. Common usage has been to assume it as public interest for the company, which implicitly denotes that there are some who are not; which in turn is flawed and dangerous from the approach to corporate communication. For organizations, all are absolutely public they want to convey a message, so is that currently there is a relationship direct or indirect; non-customers are potential customers, for example. Comunicacionalmente, stakeholders are all those people and institutions that are within the organizational environment, and not only with having current links. Corporate image generation is a constant and multidisciplinary process, and must therefore be articulated within the Business Plan with a strategic vision of communication. The stakeholders are actually target audience for corporate communication, and that is why the Organization must contact each one of them in a particular way, with a message according to your communication needs and clearly differentiated image goals. In this sense, the communicational management should do – and promote – correct use, both conceptual and contextually the term stakeholder, banishing the notion as far as possible wrong that discriminates, it categorizes and/or he despises to audiences that – if at this time do not have a role leading-in future can become strategic for NATO allies. _ * Article published in the newspaper El Mundo (Caracas, Venezuela), Monday June 7, 2010, p. 23 original author and source of the article.

Worldwatch Institute

However, sometimes, the gain is revealed higher than reason. Neglect in the preparation of certain communities, so they not sterilized soil, is shown higher than the survival instinct. The water is running out La Tribuna da Imprensa, the veteran Helio Fernandes, published the conclusion of a study released by the independent Worldwatch Institute, headquartered in the United States: the Arctic ice lost an area equivalent to the Netherlands every year, about 34,300 square kilometers. () As the permanent ice also functions as a mirror, reflecting solar heat and keeping the relatively cold ground temperature, is feared that current melt multiply the devastating effects of global warming of the atmosphere. But before the catastrophe the melted ice is already causing problems in the cities that depend on it for their drinking water supply.

Lima, in Peru, is a dramatic example. Each of its ten million inhabitants has only three cubic meters of water from the Quelccaya glacier, when ten years ago, there were extracted 30 cubic meters. Consequence of the ivernadero effect? Some say yes; others, even today, than not. The truth is that you it’s the result of the folly of people who do not see nor an inch in front of your nose, as satirized in a version of the popular melody of Noel Rosa (1910-1937) poet Pedrinho Bevilacqua, some who think they know, but they don’t know. Reflection of goodwill * never as now became as indispensable to unite the efforts of environmentalists and their detractors, as workers, entrepreneurs, staff from the mass media, of trade unionists, politicians, the military, lawyers, scientists, religious, skeptics, atheists, also of the philosophers, of sociologists, anthropologists, artists, athletes, teachers, doctors, students, housewives, of Heads family, barbers, taxi drivers, sweepers and other segments of society in the fight against hunger and for the preservation of life on the planet. The subject became dramatic and its prospects, tragic. For the same reasons, urge the strengthening of an ecumenism that overcome barriers, appeases hatred, promote the exchange of experiences that stimulate global creativity, corroborating the value of socio-humanitarian cooperation partnerships, as for example in cooperatives popular in those women with great performance, highlighting the fact that are frontally contrary to waste.

There is much to be learned with each other. A different Guide, equipement, the violence is, of brutality, wars, which invaded homes throughout the world. In short: everytime we shoot the arrogance and prejudice there provided that absorb what is just and good in all components of this wide Noah’s Ark, which is today’s globalized world. * Excerpt from article eight The Millennium development goals, of the authorship of Paiva Netto, published in the magazine globalization of fraternal love. Edited in Portuguese, French, English, Spanish, German, Italian and esperanto, the message was aimed by the leader of the Legion of good will at the 2007 meeting of the High-Level Segment, of the Economic Council and Social of the United Nations (Ecosoc) in which the LBV has general consultative status. The meeting was held at the Palais des Nations, headquarters of the UN in Geneva (Switzerland).

Mexican Institute

On 4 April 1975, all pneumonias were enclosed by a month, leaving to the population without the already as indispensable means of transport. On May 28 of the same year, and without having reached any agreement, the Governor ordered the pea that return all permits to be cancelled; on the other hand delivered temporary Union permits to make work them and thus starts a new stage in the history of the pneumonias. They had the need to appoint an administrator to manage and be made responsible for the operation of the Union, the work they did was so bad that having begun with 110 pneumonias in little time alone there were 24. His next step was to leave the Union handled by itself. And so we move to another phase in the history of transportation in Mazatlan. They made some changes and modifications to the original model, trying to preserve its basic and important characteristics, for example, the 3 wheels were replaced with 4 making it more stable, Cushman chassis was changed by Volkswagen to lower their cost of production.

In many places in Mexico have tried to imitate this characteristic cart, but have had difficulty to do so since faced with permissions of circulation and the fact that the Mazatlecas pneumonias are registered with the Mexican Institute of Industrial property. I am sure that the next time you see a pneumonia will be more than a way easy, fast and fun to reach their destination; now know a little more about the fascinating life of the Mazatlecos. When to climb to a pneumonia do not forget to enjoy the air flying his hair and the fresh sea breeze caressing your face to see to Mazatlan from a different perspective, from an open window as he is everything in Mazatlan, a window open to new and exciting experiences in life to reach only extend the arms and open hands. Many people have done so and have discovered the wonderful world of Mazatlan real estate and now live and enjoy every day in paradise, Mazatlan.

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