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Compartment Syndrome Legal

Compartment syndrome is a condition often resulting from the completion of the work, and it may occur after traffic accidents and other events that could lead to traumatic injuries. Could, likewise, developed by chronically activities that make intensive use of certain muscles, such a sports. This occurs when the nerves and blood vessels of a certain body part or muscle area (usually the arms, hands, legs, buttocks or abdomen) are subject, within a confined space, under considerable pressure ( derived for example, inflammation or internal bleeding). As we shall see, treatment and correction is possible provided it is detected early. A diagnostic failure could, in this sense, have terrible consequences, may be establishing compensation medical malpractice. The symptoms of this disease and its treatment The person with this syndrome usually submit a symptom picture may include: – Pain, that might seem disproportionate to the injury suffered (and which was derived inflammation or internal bleeding). – Stitches. – Numbness and possible paralysis of a limb.

– Appearance is very characteristic of the area where it is suffering, looking pale, shiny and smooth the skin. – Weakness in the area. Once detected, most often requiring emergency surgery, consisting of the opening of the tissue in order to release the pressure that is placed on the area of the body. The real risk of compartment syndrome. Medical malpractice for failure detection and diagnosis with early treatment it could be solved without any problem.

However, should there be failure or delay in diagnosis, continuing pressure to which the nerves are exposed and could cause irreversible damage to tissues, leading to paralysis permanent and, in the worst cases, determining the need to amputate the affected limb. We are talking about very short, several hours at most, so that prompt action is essential. Any error by the medical practitioner in the examination of the patient could lead to a fatal delay, may then be regarded as his performance of compensanability medical malpractice. If you had suffered an event of this nature do not delay and seek the advice of a lawyer specializing in negligence committed by medical practitioners.

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