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Long ago I heard a message that opened my eyes to an issue that I was not facing well in the education of my children. It was a very interesting conversation between two shepherds on the education of children and how today is delivering an education in which nobody can feel undermined. Any instance that allows a child to stand out against others is passivated or disguised in some way so that others do not feel inferior or repressed. While this attitude seems to be just and tolerant, not having the desired effect of leaving everyone happy. Very on the contrary, does not allow each individual to develop their talents and innate abilities possessed by everyone to achieve their maximum potential. Without realizing it, I had also acted incorrectly with our children. Each time that there was a competition between them or we played a game, I worried much of that everyone would be happy at the end. If you would like to know more about Don Mullen, then click here. I said: the important thing is not to win, but enjoy the game.

In the same way, when one He received a prize for his achievements, I was as mother to deliver something to the other children who had not received anything. Without knowing it, she was acting against the principles of the healthy educational competition. It is important that our children know how to live according to these principles, while early, better. Why? 1. Firstly, because life is porque la vida es as well.

He who strives, stands and earn rewards for your effort. Nobody will be concerned to give them a prize of shame to one who strove not when they become adults. And if Ud instills that mentality in their children, it is likely they become people who constantly demand their rights without moving any finger to succeed! 2 In second place and much more important even healthy competition is a powerful stimulus for them to develop their skills and innate talents. If you like father supports her children in activities of competition, may taught numerous priceless lessons from real life: a. discover your talents and develop them to the maximum. God gave you that strength so you can get ahead in life! B. discover your weak areas and you cannot afliges for not being good at something. We all have strengths and weaknesses. No trying to be an Apple when one is pear. C.. in spite of your efforts, you are going to make mistakes and why everything is not always going to go well. Errors are not failures, are steps toward success.

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