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Solution for best-practice management application Mall as appeleon-template of appeleon consulting and Templatepartner transformation consulting International GmbH (TCI) is the solution developed in a project for best-practice management application Mall as appeleon template ready Mannheim, 09.05.2011. From a project for a major soft drink manufacturers, a new template for the SaS platform was now appeleon.com that optimizes the best-practice management company. To know more about this subject visit Jim Crane. This template was developed by appeleon consulting – and template-partner transformation consulting International GmbH (TCI). Manufacturing companies from all industries can now use the application benefit of, that repairs and maintenance of production equipment and machines also cross-site best-practice know-how is available. In the specific customer project, the beverage manufacturer from a previously heterogeneous site landscape has a jointly operating team with understanding of new processes and new solutions shaped. Each other, staff can now with good best-practice examples ‘ help in producing and using the appeleon application to achieve a common, high know-how level. In the project, in particular the team spirit of the solutions, capacity issues as well as common hurdles and accidents was promoted.

In addition, it was necessary also to document the existing good examples and to provide all team members at locations nationwide in a central platform. Contents are, for example, solutions to energy issues, production improvements, special components or errors during transport. Small own constructions with drawers or tool deployment are as helpful as recommendations to suppliers with good solutions. The description of the solution, explanatory images, the contact person and the achieved effects and savings are deposited. With simple search criteria can be checked quickly, what ideas on specific topics are available.

Meanwhile, a broad knowledge base was created by the all benefit. Locations will be awarded at certain intervals, the engage with good ideas as well as picked up these ideas in own tasks. The Panel of experts has not least gathered in the course of the project to an active maintenance crew using the newly installed knowledge base.

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