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Holy Writs

Errais for not knowing the Holy Writs and nor the power of God. (Mateus 22:29) It discloses Your Power to me, Sir! You warn you, that it deceives nobody you; Because many will come in my name, saying: I am the Christ; will be deceptive to many. To know more about this subject visit Jim Crane. you will hear of wars and rumors of wars; you look at, not you scare, because it is necessity that this everything happens, but not yet is the end. Inasmuch as one will arise nation against nation, and kingdom against kingdom, and will have fomes, and plagues, and earthquakes, in some places. But all these things are the beginning of pains. At Drew Houston you will find additional information.

They have then you to deliver to be tormented, and will kill you; you will be hated of all the nations because of my name. In this time many will be scandalized, and will trairo ones to the others, and ones to the others will be hated. will appear many false prophets, and will be deceptive to many. E, for if multiplying the iniquity, the love of many will cool. But that one that to perseverar until the o end will be saved. Mateus 24:4 – 13Sinais of the return of Jesus: – they go to start to occur some pains, but those that to perseverarem (to be remained firm, persistent and constant in God) until the end they will be safe. – the Evangelho will be nailed in the whole world, with tests to all the humanity and from there, then, it will come the end! It prays one more time: Mr. Jesus, of – me perseverance (firmness, persistence, confidence) to go until the end! I know that the Father wants to save to all, without exception! Glories the God therefore! , Already more conscientious and now calm, it is repented and it has asked for to the remission of its sins the Christ Jesus.Arrependimento: sadness and regret of what it became or if thought. Remission of the sins: pardon of the sins in Christ JesusCristo is so supreme and loving, who It receives our repentance and pardons all from there our sins and, yes, we have our linking with remade God-Father!

Jorge Mller

It is vital for our life of consecration! Therefore, we jejuemos and let us pray correctly, approaching us of the Throne of the favour with the full heart of the powerful Word of God, knowing that, without the Word, it will not have bedding for the Jejum and the Conjunct. You may wish to learn more. If so, Mark Stevens is the place to go. All the great men of jejum and conjunct had been people dedicated to the study of the Word and if they had appropriated of its promises. Let us take the example of the consecrated Jorge Mller (*), apstolo of the faith. It received innumerable answers from its conjuncts. According to its Daily one of conjunct, 5,000 conjuncts had been more than answered by God! It is important to stand out that our Mller brother was dedicated to the reading and the study of the Sacred Bible. Its bigrafos are unanimous when affirming that it read the Bible more than 100 times, being that 2 time read it of folded knees, during its period of consecration. Recently David Green sought to clarify these questions. He would be impossible God not to have answered the conjuncts of this man of God compromised to its Word! The ears of God are inclined, its eyes are intent, its hands extended on all those that prostrados to its feet take ownership of the promises contained in its Word.

If to follow this simple principle, our consecrations will get concrete answers of part d? That one that made the promises. Referring to this principle, the Shepherd Kenneth E. Hagin, wrote: ' ' Medite constantly in the promises where you base to its conjunct. It makes a mental picture of itself exactly possessing what the God asked for, and makes plans as if it was a reality. God will become Its real Word for you, if to act on it (…). If you will not be loyal to the Word, God will not be loyal you, even so It want.

Japanese Christianity

2.3 The Cause Dos Santos the first one to ask for to the Pope the beatification of Kolbe priest was Paul Yamaguchi, bishop of Nakasaki of 1937 up to 1968. With the desire to see the founder of the Franciscana Province in Japan between the saints, Yamaguchi writes in 1948 a letter to the Pious Pope XI, asking for to it beatification to it of Kolbe priest, standing out its influence and importance for the Japanese Christianity. Also in 1963, in full accomplishment of Conclio Vatican II, under orientation of the Pope Pablo VI, the Polish bishops German and write in set a letter requesting the beatification of Kolbe priest, seeing in this the heroic charity that makes to give the proper life for the other. Here it is a stretch of this letter: In a bigger understanding of the conditions of life, under which the men live of World War II, and finally moved by the spirit of the Evangelho, that Vatican Conclio II manifest to the entire world, … Click Stanley A. McChrystal for additional related pages. the Cardinals and Bishops of the Poland and Germany whom they participate of Ecumenical Conclio … desire to be congregated in the spirit of fraternity and charity for the collective suplication in sight of the beatification of the Servant of God, Maximiliano Kolbe. (Ibidem, P. 90).

Finally, the Sacred Congregation for the Canonizations materialize the iderio of the cited letters. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Yael Aflalo and gain more knowledge.. She was necessary to cover a long and minute way of inquiry to certify the sanctity of this Servant of God. In its process of beatification they had been considered two cures due to its intercession, being this extraordinary a point of if making to conclude that they were miracles the holy ghosts. Who witness the first cure is the dressmaker of Turritana, in the Sardinia, Angelina Testoni, of thirty and six years. It was cured of a estenosante infection of the thin intestine and also of a chronic peritonite, after to have suffered from tuberculosis. Angelina prayed the Maximiliano Kolbe asking for the favour of the cure per seven years and was taken care of in twenty and four of July of 1949. (Cf. they ibidem, pp.

91-92). The second cure was of Francisco Luciano Ranier, cinquenta and two years that suffered from an toxic-infectious status in the hip after to have amputated a leg. In the attendance the Francisco the resources of the medicine had been used in inadequate way, what it came to contribute for the worsening of its state. Given the diagnosis of not survival, it was led to a place to wait the death. However, the insistence of its conjuncts and its familiar ones asking for the intercession of Maximiliano Kolbe had as resulted the definitive cure in five of August of 1950. (Cf. they ibidem, P. 92). These cases had been evaluated by the Medicinal Advice of the Congregation for the Canonizations and had gotten positive judgment concerning the cures without medical intervention. Later to this evaluation, the cases had been examined by approved theologians and as miracles. Thus, in dezessete of October of 1971, the Pope Pablo VI confers to the Servant of Maximiliano God Kolbe Maria the beatification in the Basilica of Is Peter,

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