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New Fantasy Mode

Officially licensed avatar-T-shirt collection convinces with strong Printmotiven Cottbus, 03 June 2010 – million cinema-goers worldwide the blue 3D-Spektakel AVATAR has already inspired riser after Pandora and currently breaks any records with his media sales. The image-massive movie experience by James Cameron unfolds its full brilliance in a new collection of T-Shirt on as well. Unique, spectacular images and a gripping story with fascinating 3D art accompanies, gave the Elbenwald GmbH representative hold occasion these unique designs. Now the summer can start with the successful acquisition of an official avatar T-shirt license from Twentieth Century Fox. Alexander Lapeta, Managing Director of Elbenwald GmbH: The new T-Shirt collection makes the adventure with Jake and Neytiri on Pandora experience every fan. Characteristic motifs, such as that of the home tree (Kelutral) the Navi and the horrors horses (dire horses) as well as collages, showing the main character intimately United, shine picture formidable to the Viewer. This expressive claim that should be after the 3D adventure to nothing is being implemented, through a detailed quality printing, which harmonises well with optimally selected fabric. The fans will be delighted and everyone will find his favorite subject, I’m sure!” Impressive adventures dive into the world of Pandora and the new avatar tee-shirts! Elbenwald.de is it like your cooperative partner and looks forward to common and exciting actions.

New collections to the pre-order available now are trading partners. Contact information: Elbenwald GmbH Daniela Lawrenz Werner-von-Simens-str. 1 03052 Cottbus Tel 0355 / 4944873 fax: 0355 / 4944879 E-Mail: Web: the Elbenwald GmbH is specialized and Germany leading niche provider of fantasy-merchandising, Gamerkleidung and lifestyle needs. As catalogers the Elbenwald GmbH supplies since the year 2000 through the website customers interested in fantasy, gamers and movie fans on topics such as Lord of the Rings”, Harry Potter, world of Warcraft, Batman, avatar etc. A second, critical distribution channel is the catalogue published several times a year.

Clean Jewelry Thoroughly And Damage-free

Jewelry as clean as never before ultrasonic test every jewelry lovers and wearers of glasses knows the unsightly problem. Even the best Jewelry and the biggest glasses contaminated with the time. Cleaning of chains, rings or even glasses often becomes a problem. Because just inaccessible places can be poorly cleaned or it comes to scratches. An ultrasonic device gently cleans metal objects and precious pieces in a gentle and thorough manner. There are now also for private household cleaning artists. Thus, going to a jeweller is superfluous and jewelry, glasses and co. can be cleaned at home in a comfortable way.

Ultrasound equipment – thorough cleaning without chemical additives are often cleaned with towels glasses, these small particles but can scratch the glass. Expired on or discolored jewelry is not only ugly looks. When wearing can settle residues and deposits on the skin and give the impression that you himself had not washed. One way to get clean again, the jewellery would be going to the jewelry store. This is capable of jewelry, thoroughly to clean glasses or other metal objects. This can be a costly and complicated matter but circumstances.

Often, the purchase of an ultrasound device therefore is worth. Just some water as an Encore, and links, cutlery or even braces can be purged of residues and documents. When cleaning, the water or a special cleaner solvent, alkalis and acids will be offset by ultrasound in molecular vibrations. It caused cavities, which produce a so-called cavitation. So even heavy encrustations are removed without damaging the surface of the carrier. What is to make sure when purchasing? Should be cleaned according to what items with an ultrasound device, is to pay attention to the size. A simple and individual service facilitates the application without each time the manual refer to having to. Those who opt for a low-priced discounters model, has often left. Because the performance is often flawed and inadequate cleaning. One opts for high-performance devices such as these Ultrasonic cleaners, reliably removes even stubborn deposits. With regard to the safety, the device should be clean processes and TuV / GS tested be, to ensure safe handling. An Einlegekorb facilitates the cleaning of small parts. The ultrasound unit clean and maintain most in the device to prevent residues and contaminants, should be wiped it after each use with a damp cloth and dry out completely. Who used deficient or distilled water for cleaning, avoids the resulting time scale. In this way the ultrasonic device remains long.

Romantic Wedding Hairstyles

The trend is hair pins for beautiful hairstyles for the wedding when the bride hairstyles in the coming season unchanged the updos. Simple and elegant or romantic, playful, this trend actually not a bride passes over. Who wears his hair typically short, cause the illusion of an updo by using matching hair pieces. Keep the hairstyle, hair pins are a prerequisite. While it was concern earlier always that hair pins may not be visible, it is completely different for bridal hairstyles.

There special ranges of hair pins for the wedding, which are equipped with pearls and precious stones are used as a decorative element of the updo. Who wants to be so trendy cutting-edge, should follow this trend also in the bridal hairstyle. A professional styling with hair pins as hair accessories for the bridal hairstyle is possible in any hair salon. It makes sense to communicate how the hairstyle will look already with the hairdresser about in advance. Many salons offer a Date in which the hair is tested.

The bride can check already before the wedding of, that the chosen bridal hairstyle really corresponds to their ideas. Then the matching hair pins ensure that the hairstyle on the wedding day fits perfectly. You will find more info on hair accessories for the bride to hairpins hochzeit.html. Manfred goods Ballesteros

Matching Jackets For The Transition

Jackets for the changing of the seasons are slowly but winter makes sure the retreat and you can watch now, as the snow disappears. For those who don’t like to like the cold season, this is a reason to rejoice without doubt because it will now also again slowly warmer and accordingly, the Sun is often out. However, it is still long not so far that you hang the winter jackets back in the closet, and even if it is warm enough then to a thick lining do without needed a jacket, although certainly still some months a thinner. What jackets however for the transition are ideally suited is every year on the new more so because everyone here has his own wishes and ideas and it is of course also must consider what types of jackets currently in vogue are a question which must be addressed so that they can dress appropriately trendy. To find required therefore in any case, matching jackets that you already before the new season thus deals, what is modern and well a even fit, also you should look at as well, as the different types of jackets are lined, so that you can really find a model which is warm enough and yet not too thick, so that it not as fast at the first rays of the Sun sweat. You will certainly need a little time to find just the right jacket for himself, but it is worth in any case to take this time, because you can so also be sure to be dressed just right. Best man rummages just quietly in various shops, which you like, find something where you can feel right at home as a rule very quickly.

Studio TaliBoelt

Luxury through individuality and exclusivity in the trend is demanding modern women luxury is a popular way to stand out from the crowd and to highlight its status. It often defines luxury money and attention-grabbing pompous equipment. Luxury is but also be to take your time and bring his own individual ideas, for example, a dress or a piece of jewelry in the design and selection. Luxury is also exclusivity. The wearer of a luxury dress or a precious piece of jewelry should be sure to have either a unique or a product of smaller series. Individuality from the fashion and jewelry Studio TaliBoelt has their own personality, which applies to point it out and to highlight any woman. This was and is always the most important starting point for the German fashion designer of African origin Tali AMOO. Tali AMOO has her young fashion label founded TaliBoelt Couture & jewellery 2006.

Their idea: The demanding wife her desire for the perfect Dream dress for every festive occasion to meet. The present company TaliBoelt offers the women among the areas of fashion & jewellery portable evening, braut and Dirndls Couture, as well as fine jewelry and exclusive accessories on request individually designed for every festive occasion, whether for a wedding, a gala dinner, or for the red carpet. Because every woman is unique, also her appearance at major events should be unique. Women who place value on this uniqueness prefer an individually tailored to them or even designed dress. The introduction of own ideas and ideas is expression of an increased desire for more individuality and exclusivity. In addition to this personal unique fabricating specializes in the fashion label TaliBoelt exclusive small series and collections. Exclusivity from the manufactory from TaliBoelt which exclusivity is in the collections of Tali AMOO expressed desire of many women.

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