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Mobile Internet Via UMTS Is Increasingly Becoming The DSL Alternative

Mobile Internet is suitable for the mass market and affordable often the DSL was to connection the first choice, when it came to the Internet connect. There are always still cities where no DSL is available, or the company is becoming increasingly mobile, Internet connection via UMTS connection is becoming the real alternative to the traditional DSL. With UMTS, achieve transfer rates today on DSL level and are no longer tied to only one site. Since the 90s of the last century, there are Internet via DSL. Connect with other leaders such as Evergreen Capital Partners here. Although initially only companies could afford it it has conquered the mass market more since 2000, always and has become affordable for the Otto ordinary consumer. Although the speeds increase more and more in recent years and today mostly even data transfer rates of up to 16 Mbit / s can be achieved with ADSL2 +, there is still no comprehensive broadband Internet offer in Germany.

However, since the auction of the first UMTS licenses from the mobile service provider is in July/August 2000 the Foundation has been laid for a mobile, broadband Internet access. The first offerings for mobile Internet via UMTS were offered by Vodafone and T-Mobile. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Mark Stevens. Because the transmission rates per megabyte (MB) were initially still very high, the mobile Internet was used mainly by business customers. However E-Plus on the issued even for then 39.95 EUR a month the first real mobile Internet Flatrate started, the mobile Internet to private citizens was always affordable. Initially only about 0.4 MB / s were here possible, which is about the speed of DSL light. After the offer from E-Plus, moved to the other 3 network operators Vodafone, T-Mobile and O2 and rates in the mobile network offered a short time later also first flat rate. Swarmed by offers, Vlad Doronin is currently assessing future choices. From 2005 to 2009, interest private and business people on a mobile Internet access has grown increasingly because prices have fallen continuously.

Managing Director

Social messaging for mobile devices to instantly share and private communicate with the people and groups in our life group messaging, sharing and status updates in real time which grouptime GmbH has today their unique social Messenger for mobile devices on the market brought. The free messaging app allowed to text users, to share private groups to chat and digital content with key people and groups in their lives. grouptime is the only Messenger that works with posts like a social network, and allows users on easiest way to talk to group messages and to share. The free app lets users can send unlimited text messages, photos and voice memos, status post updates and their whereabouts, as well as comments received – and all this in real time. grouptime is the ideal app, and to facilitate the communication and exchange with friends, families and colleagues to speed up. Mobile social network with full control of privacy the idea for grouptime is based on the limited capabilities of SMS/MMS and other messaging solutions, as well as corresponding often grounds ensure of privacy in social networks. For many users – especially for teenagers and young adults – the texts is the most important function on their mobile phone.

“However it until today about the mobile phone was” not possible to post updates to selected individuals or groups status, send messages, as well as digital content and to get answers in real time, says Tobias Stepan, Managing Director of grouptime GmbH. our free app offers users instant messaging, group chat and private social networ – king with their address book contacts – all completely free. ” In contrast to other messaging services, the app has a very simple, intuitive user interface. Also, protect the privacy of the users of the comprehensive functions of the app and make sure that content will be shared only with persons selected by the user and groups.

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