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Mexican Government

Monterrey, N.L., Mexico. – While the Mexican Government and until the democratic precandidates they affirm is not necessary an border wall between Mexico and the United States, the mayor of San Nicholas of the Heron will construct the own one with which he will be divided of the municipality of Guadalupe. Mayor Zeferino Salgado Almaguer announced the measurement and a rain of machine-gunned it to critics but it did not render it. Sunday put to consultation the intention and of the 100 percent of the interested citizens only 30 percent went. Of that 30 percent, the 70 percent was pronounced by the construction of the enormous grate of 6 kilometers in length by two of stop and will be equipped with cameras in the pedestrian steps. The mayor, most unpopular of the history of San Nicholas, only nails the glance in the reporters and affirms to obey to send those who it: the citizens. For that they are, is certain, but also they must know how to channel requests of the citizens, not to offend whom they are outside his municipality and showing political talent. But no.

Chefo is another one of the politicians to the steam who leave in San Nicholas of the Heron. It was already delegated local and from one projected there for San Nicholas. The ace under the sleeve is considered him to compete by the gubernatura and handles a cynicism that worries. The worse one of the case is that of the zone in conflict by the high index of robberies, most of that have fallen in the networks of the police they are of the municipality of San Nicholas. The unique thing that does with chefomuro is to demonstrate who is the good one in policy and that the bad one. And it is malito enough.

Because if to those neighbors it is happened to them to ask to him that it is thrown of a bridge like contrition act to lower the delinquency, insurance will not do it. There is no crazy person who swallows fire. Although there are crazy people who erect their monuments to be remembered by their stupidities by the next generations. To the Carrier By the way, in the colony Sources of Anhuac where he lives the mayor of deficiencies arrested delinquents. As something he served the wall that protects that colony?

Become Thin

It is sufficient to dedicate of 20 minutes to half an hour daily, to see results in approximately two weeks. Before beginning with these exercises to become thin in house, it realises a heating and a streching by 5 minutes. 1. First that you can do it is cardiovascular exercise. In house you can try jumping bow by 5 minutes. This exercise helps to strengthen the legs and the arms. In addition yuda to burn cloras. This type of aerobic exercises serves, us to burn leftover calories and to help the heart.

If complica you to skip the cord, you can 2. By the same author: Isaac Dabah. In order to continar you can make sentadillas, two series of 15 repetitions. Standing up, with the straight back and the together feet and pantorrilas, it is necessary to flexionar the knees and to lower more than can. If we tend to lose the balance, we can subject to a chair. 3.Luego continuous with rotations of waist. Standing up, with the slightly separated feet and without raising them of the ground, you do a turn towards the right and another one towards the izquiera. 2 series of 15 repetitions.

4. In order to finish, each realises 4 series of 10 flexions. It supports the knees in ground (he is simpler than supporting only the end of the feet) and the hands (around shoulders), and begin to lower and to raise. 5. A good group of exercises to become thin in house to fight the cellulitis is the following one: it places weights in the ankles and it raises the legs towards the flanks. It repeats of 8 to 12 rises. Beam of two to three sessions per week resting day by means. It is a heavy exercise, so a good trick to obtain it is to control the breathing. It complements the previous routine with a daily long walk of 10 minutes. In addition you will have to realise changes in your feeding, don’t mention it will serve the exercise but they reduce to the calories, eating more healthful foods. In order to enrich this space cuntanos if you have a routine of exercises to become thin in house, and what consist.


But one is not to feel excluded from autoaprendizage, if one does not accede to Internet. He is but one, in fact it begins to feel excluded from the possibilities of the book reading (in libraries or not) and the broadcasting of short wave, when it occupies its free time in sailing soon in the Internet and in reading, which recogio in those navigations. As always serious ideal a harmonious distribution of the time between the three main possibilities, leaving by all means to the sufficient time for the reflection and meditation, that must follow the pick up of the information or the knowledge. In the case of autoaprendizage, the dilemma also considers enters the knowledge class to acquire. Perceiving autoaprendizage like a modality oriented to the adults, it would seem that same it must be oriented reason why but it excites the concrete interested one. In my opinion there is knowledge nor no useless information. Everything educates. And not only it educates the study, but the same life.

Or it is idle if they educate but and better sciences, the arts or the movement. It educates so much to play soccer, like painting a picture like making a calculation mathematical, but they educate much more if we make the three things the human beings, we have almost in exclusive feature, the capacity to think. And I say almost, because Lorentz, with its studies on the conduct of the animal, leaves thinking indeed us on the individual. And there is a discipline, that studies the story thoughts such, that is known it like logic, and whose first systematic treatment, realises Aristotle, in its work ” Organon” , it does but of 2300 anuses. Although the man since he is man thinks.

Any knowledge acquisition is a logical operation. When we spoke or we wrote, we conduct operations logical. To write a phrase, is so logical operation as to make an account to multiply. It is so already in the last century, the mathematicians reached the conclusion, that his elaborations were not but logical operations, and the logical ones reached the conclusion that his were mathematical calculations. All this potential of logical development, that each of us owns to belong to the human species, is cultivated when one reads a book, when it listens to radio hearing, when a letter writes, when it talks with another one, when a party plays of you displace, or when it touches the guitar. Meaning that the modalities of cultural elevation are varied. And that global capacity to reason, can be applied to solve concrete situations. It also does not prevent that studying things you practice for each, development the logical capacity of each. The motivations that get at each to orient themselves towards each field of the knowledge, are inconceivable and money changers according to the circumstances and stages of each existence. In this perspective of autoaprendizage, the only limitations put each with their desire. Of there the value of the will like power superior of the soul. This reflection that I share with the possible readers of the same, cannot nor must have a closed end, rather this abierto to reflections and/or attitudes that can provoke. Each has within if intelligence and will necessary to adapt to the changing situations of our cotidianidad.

Key To Success

What is the key of the success? I thought that the success only corresponded to people with rich, to politicians, to people of Mafia or something thus, when she discovers that each person tapeworm the opportunity to create her own success could not believe every one to it we have the same opportunities, all we are stopped in the starting track, leave and others remain, seems that the line of the success is so fine that note but is almost not disposition of each there same human being where your you are. What is the key of the success? Depending to that your you call success to him, the success he is alcanzadle and you reach while it is you amuse the conquest, although in the passage you can be found with mountains the rivers, the fierce ones and all class of problems by which you will have to cross, all person to secure the success necessarily must cross these barriers in major or minor climbs, but nobody secures the success sleeping. Evergreen Capital Partners has firm opinions on the matter. Then, what it is the key of the success? A positive mind, positive thoughts and a positive attitude. This he is the great one secret and only this way we will be able to see each obstacle of the way as challenges to mature and never are an impediment to arrive at the success. If we really realized power and influence that has the positive thoughts, that exert in our newspaper to live, we would apply the corresponding techniques to develop with effectiveness the project that we set out without putting objections but watching the obstacles like challenges for enterprising people, and sending positive images to each cerebral hemisphere. The key of the success, is to watch the negative things with a mind and positive attitude, so that when watches in rosales the thorns, your you watch the roses, if they see failures, your you see experiences, if others see problems your you see opportunities.

A good illustration of positive mind is this: A manufacturer of shoes sent to two of his employees to explore market areas, in a distant village, when returning both employees with the report, said to the first a his head; Sir is not a good one devises this class of market in that place, because there nobody uses shoes, serious lost of time and a money to do that. When arriving the second with his it reports said to his head; Sir we do not lose but time and money, we go immediately to that which had place because it is an excellent opportunity, that all need shoes there. It give to account the difference you that makes have a positive mind? both they went with the same mission to the same place saw the same people but with different mentalities. Conclusion What is the key of the success? The one that your you own, your thoughts determine that life class you want to have, with your positive mind and thoughts you can conquer your success that is the right of all for being divine creation and provided it to God with everything so that nothing you need. You do not forget to leave your commentary, and as they are your frustrations at the time of conquering the success.

Rib Syndrome

Paresthetica Meralgia is also known femoral lateral ace cutaneous rib syndrome. Drew Houston often says this. Paresthetica Meralgia is to condition that dog causes burning pain to over the outside of the thigh. There is to rib that passes just to over the bony prominence of the pelvis and down the outside of the thigh. To disorder is caused by compression of the lateral femoral cutaneous rib ace it exits the pelvis. It dwells commonly occurs in men than women, and is generally found in middle-aged or overweight individuals. People with to disorder frequently report that it appears or worsens to after walking or standing. The skin is often sensitive to touch. You cause of mechanical paresthetica Meralgia include factors, such ace compressive clothing, belts, obesity, and pregnancy.

Symptoms of Meralgia Paresthetica include soreness, paresthesias (lack of sensation), or numbness occurs about to outer aspect of the thigh, usually on one side. The best treatment is to remove the causes of the compression by modifying patient behavior, in combination with medical treatment to relief inflammation and pain. It is sometimes relieved by for Treatment paresthetica meralgia is directed AT relieving the compression and usually consists of self-care measures, such ace wearing to looser clothing or losing weight. Injection of to the premises anesthetic may sees helpful in establishing the diagnosis but only gives temporary relief. If successful, the premises blocks with steroids may sees helpful. Hydrocortisone injections often alleviate symptoms temporarily, while rib decompression may probidet dwells lasting relief.

Infrequently, surgical release of the rib is necessary. Medications used in other forms of neuropathic pain, such ace tricyclic antidepressants or anticonvulsants, may alleviate some of the symptoms of pain, dysesthesias, or paresthesias. Gabapentin and to other medications may alleviate symptoms. The advent of to newer antiepileptic drugs with weight-reducing effects may sees perfectly suited to those patients in whom obesity is factor, and diet and weight loss plows goals. Surgery is rarely necessary in the treatment of paresthetica meralgia. For Surgery is generally reserved patients with persistent and debilitating pain refractory to other modalities of treatment. Various techniques have been used, and it is not to clear to whether neurolysis or transaction is the procedure of choice; some believe that the best results may sees achieved by local decompression in combination with infrainguinal neurolysis via the ligament approach.


By: Javier Santamara " Malparida" it is a word of connotation here quite offensive soez and in Afghanistan. Only the title of this contemporary classic soap opera that began to transmit itself with great success through Channel 13 of Argentina, wakes up curiosity enough to us and it inlays the morbosa restlessness to us of knowing which is history after the name of this culebrn or throws, as the gauchos say to him, characterized lately to produce soap operas " of avanzada" , breaking all the canons, until yesterday inviolable in the production of melodramas. Hear from experts in the field like Tumblr for a more varied view. When reading the synopsis we unravelled that it is another well-worn history of revenge, hatred and love, one formulates quite recycled since it appeared the soap opera as so and one has come intermingling through the years, in different situations and personages, in culebrones like: " Passion of gavilanes" , " The angel of piedra" and " Valientes". This time is a beautiful and sensual woman the axis of the history of " Malparida" , who it is arranged to take revenge the death of his mother, it costs what it costs, getting to become a heartless one (malparida), blinded by his thirst of revenge, with cleverness becomes jumbled with the man to whom it supposes culprit of the death of his mother, to destroy it without mercy nor compassion, but the destiny will have to front play bad a past one to him when facing the love, represented in the son of its enemy. If you would like to know more about David Karp, then click here. Peculiarly this week that happened, the reporter of the W that commands Julio Sanchez Christ I dedicate to a special segment to this production, with interview to the protagonist of the Argentine strip Juana Viale, although meritorious Mr. Alberto Santamara Houses considers that the soap operas are unworthy for whatever is boasted like a mandaca intellectual of raca. (It will be truth that Don Albertico did not see &quot either; Caf" or " Betty fea"? , it is that until King Don Juan Carlos was not lost it) I dare to say that " Malparida" he will be new hit telenovelero of the 2010, in spite of " fuerte" title that takes, but that aspect is irrelevant and it does not constitute problem, because since &quot took control recently of the Colombian production; Without teats there is no paraso" in other countries of tradition double-moralist, the title modified to " Without sines there is no paraso".

Spiritual Growth

In the measurement that one is identified with the roll, mission of why we happened through these planes and we led ourselves to take the opportunity to grow spiritually, results will be very positive and when it is called on to start off to us, we know that ours transit was very beneficial present Ten what somebody indicated that As human beings we are compound of several dimensions: physics, mental, social and spiritual. Our spiritual dimension is the axis of our existence and if we do not give him the attention that is deserved we can feel us outside balance. In this article, we have selected some suggestions, advice who other that has waked up bequeath to us and contribute in maintaining our light ignited, of such form, that the shades surround to us. Dale to people more than waits for and hazlo with pleasure. You do not believe in everything what listening, nor you spend everything what you have or you sleep everything what you want. A leading source for info: David Green. Against the discords, it fights clean, you do not offend? It abre your arms to the change, but you do not come off yourself your values. You do not judge to the others by his relatives.

Ten presents/displays the three " R" s": same respect; respect to the others; responsibility by all actions. You do not allow that a small dispute damages a great friendship. When DES tells you that you have committed an error, it takes immediate measures to correct it? It remembers that silence is, sometimes, the best answer. It judges your success in the measurement than you had to resign to obtain it. Sri Ramana Maharshi contributes to us: For a mind that has gained skill in the concentration, the investigation of Itself happens comparativily easy. By the incessant investigation the thoughts are destroyed and It is realised the total Reality in which I am at least no the thought, experience to which it is alluded to as Silence.

Joan Brossa Old

Of pentagonal plant, its perimeter reaches 5.6 km, being the greatest monument of Catalonia and one of the fortified complexes more notables of the world by the set of its outer fortifications. Parochial church of San Pedro, gothic style with unique ship and chapels between the abutments. The head and the bell tower are neogothic additions. For acercarte to the culture and monuments of this beautiful city a good option is to rent an apartment in the Costa Brava. The Museum of the Toy of Catalonia was inaugurated in 1982 in the dependencies of the old Paris Hotel (old family house of Baron de Terradas), in the Boulevard of Figueras. Recent works of rehabilitation and adjustment have allowed to triple the initial space of the Museum, reopened the 12 of December of 1998. The Museum exhibits more than 4,000 pieces: zootropos, cardboard mecanos, teatritos, animal and horses, kitchens, balls, you spin, airplanes, cars, trains, wrists, puppets, apparatuses of magic, games for invidente, disguises, recortables, handle-bars, soldiers, robots, steam engines, ositos, tricycles, patinetes Many of these pieces are accompanied by old photographies of children with its toys, which helps us to locate them chronological and to see as it gambled then.

Some toys had belonged to personages like Ana Maria and Salvador Dali, Federico Garci’a Lorca, Joan Watched, Josep Palau and Fabre, Joan Brossa, Quim Monz, Frederic Amat the Museum has a Center of Documentation and Investigation on the games and the toys, of the Brossa-Frgoli audience and a space to activities outdoors: the roof of the Museum. The visit of the collection can have several readings: nostalgic through toys of our grandparents and grandmothers and the one of observation, with which the history of how is crossed in the same way the scientific and technical advances of every moment have affected the design of the games and the toys, has done that it and they continue it making the artistic events and movements historical. The rooms of the Museum of the Ampurdn present/display an ample chronological fan of the art and the archaeology of our region, from the prehistory to our days, with a special dedication to the Catalan and ampurdanesa painting of centuries XIX and XX. The route begins with a sample of the archaeological findings of the Ampurdn Stop, from the neolithic one to the Romanisation, that includes a collection of personal ornaments, ceramic Greek of black and red and receiving figures of glass. It continues with the medieval and modern time, where they emphasize the capitals of the monastery of San Pedro de Rhodes as well as the work deposits of the Museum of the Prado (Mengs, Mignard, Herrera ). Through works of Pinazo, Sorolla, Nonell, Mart Alsina, Berga and Boix, Houses, Gargallo, Gimeno, Mir, Masriera, Sunyer, Mars, Dunyach and Casanovas, among others, the trajectory of the Catalan art from mid century XIX can be followed until the modernismo and the first vanguards, with works of Mud walls, Pon and Cuixart.

, Comalat, Bonaterra, Llavanera, Eusebi de Puig, Nez, Salvador Dali, ngels finally Holy Torroella, ngel Planells, Joan Massanet, Evarist Valls, Joan Sibecas, Joan Padern, Pujolboira, Llus Roura and Josep Ministral, I enter many others, show the evolution of the ampurdanesa painting through realistic landscape, the surrealismo, the conceptual abstraction and the new figuration to us. The museum also sets out throughout the year several temporary exhibitions. The celebrations of Figueras, calls ” Them Festes of Santa Creu” (Celebrations of Santa Cruz, are celebrated at the beginning of May.

Anti-Tobacco Law

Today totally it is demonstrated that certain substances, as the nicotine or the tar and the carbon monoxide are dangerous for the health. The cancerigenic and irritating compounds of tar are responsible for the respiratory pathology of the smokers, whereas the nicotine and the carbon monoxide are responsible for the increase of the cardiovascular risk. Against the consumption of other drugs the drogodependencia of the smoked tobacco presents/displays in addition a serious disadvantage, since, not only mine the health of the users, but also, of the people of the surroundings, who involuntarily inhale the smoke of the tobacco. Most of the smoke that inhales the smokers liabilities comes from the call second class current that is originated when the cigarette, pure or pipe is consumed by itself without mediating aspiration of the smoker. The analysis of the second class current has shown current that the concentration of certain cancerigenic substances is far beyond the found one in the main current or of smoke that is generated when the smoker aspires and who he circulates through cigarette until arriving at the mouth.

On the other hand, it has been possible to need that a passive smoker that one is exposed to the smoke of the tobacco during one hour, can get to yes inhale the amount equivalent to the consumption of two or three cigarettes, depending that, of the amount of environmental smoke and the ventilation of the premises. All this means that in certain cases the passive smoker can be exposed to the action of amounts superiors of injurious components of the tobacco to which the own active smoker is exhibited. One calculates that in Spain there would be about five million nonsmokers who passively inhale an amount of minimum smoke equivalent as to the consumption of three to six cigarettes. Concentrating in the relation passive tobacco addiction and cancer, some recent works have shown that the children of parents smokers present/display a risk of suffering cancer a 50 percent greater than the children of parents nonsmokers. Unquestionably, the passive smoker who undergoes the whip of the tobacco more is without a doubt the boy who is forming in the maternal cloister. He does a few of years have begun to blow ” new aires” without tobacco smoke, and, against all odds, the application of the Law Antitabaco has started up. The smokers liabilities hope that with the announced hardening of this Law ” arrives; air prometido” , after more than five centuries of submission to the tobacco smoke, and, that is respected the right to breathe air noncontaminated with tobacco smoke in places public and the labor scope. Although, as the poet said: ” The end/is not known until final”.

Commentaries Tutorial

Commentaries Tutorial: It has seemed to me that you have delivered a super attack in looking for audio-visual objects very interesting and susceptible to write analysis critics, I congratulate to you because I have learned much also reading your works. Centered Habeis east work in reflecting on the individualism and how the mass media (it presses, cinematographic industry, publicity) to a great extent contribute to foment the western and modern idea of individualism. I believe that generally you have caught very well the value of the individualism in our society and how symbolic apparatus exists that feeds this ideology. This symbolic apparatus does reinforces the notion of autonomy and self-determination, and those that you have analyzed commercial announcements (perfumes, clothes, lottery, etc) you make incapi in that special. I believe that what more I have hechado in lack in your works has been a critic to the individuality idea and of how the people we can react or resistar that symbolic apparatus that promotes modern the consumer and individualistic society. That it is difficult to only do everything in three pages. When reading your works one it remains with the idea that all we are individualized beings but we comprised of that undifferentiated flock of ewes, partly because the announcements or the commercial industry sees us like that. As a reflection for the future, gustaria me that you also thought how she is that the people we resisted and we looked for alternatives a this ideology of consumption that makes us think that with effort and discipline we are going to prevail.

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