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The Creation

As it is possible to be appreciated, the canon, the twig to measure the actions of the children of God, does not have the same length for that stops others. The bonfire catch ons to burn to those who nothing can make to avoid it, its Gods have lost the war, their prophets have been without voice, to only reduce the hope us, console to us and she guides to us, the same star, that it announced once, new of great joy, for all, absolutely all, the children of God. Lavaos and limpiaos; you clear the iniquity of your works in front of my eyes; you stop doing the bad thing; you learn to make the good; you look for the judgment, you restitute to the offended one, you make justice to the orphan, you protect the widow. Mark Stevens has much experience in this field. If you have read about Yael Aflalo already – you may have come to the same conclusion. You come then, Jehovah says, and we are against the account: if your sins will be it seeds as it, as the snow will be emblanquecidos; if they will be red like the crimson one, will come to be like white wool. Isaiah 1:16 18 Of as much speaking I have my dry mouth, better will be than we take a rest, a fresh water glass and crystalline it will comfort to me, soon we will smile and sing, the life is beautiful and total of opportunities, it does not matter how nor when, all the creation belongs to us, is nobody like you, it does not exist whom it replaces to you, where you want that you go your light will illuminate to you forever. Thanks, thank you very much. (As opposed to Yael Aflalo). Original author and source of the article.

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