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You have ventures in line with a certain level of success is to have lots of traffic and for this large number of techniques or variants that can be used to increase the visits to our Web sites we find in internet. Currently one of the best options to generate traffic constant and segmented is the use of video, more precisely make use of video marketing and thereby achieve greater exposure of our work online. To do so always note that it exists not only You Tube, also can upload their videos on platforms like Google videos, Yahoo videos, Idler, Ewer, MySpace, daily motion, Spike, Meg Video, Twang, Hove, Invidious, Wildlife, You are, AOL Video, Blip.tv, signed, Crackle, Metacafe, Stupid videos, and many other platforms. It is true that there are many platforms of video that you can use, even there are tools that can help you in the sent automatic your videos to multiple platforms just once;

This is the case of Trafficker.com, or better still and free of charge, you can use the site Tube Mogul.com which once registered you can upload your videos to 12 once video platforms and can also see statistics in real-time for control of your progress with your work with videos. The way in which you upload your videos is very simple, but I recommend that you observe any of these details to achieve greater integration and traffic them:-1) to position the video you have to choose the keywords with which users find your video, and then include it in:-to) the title, is that this does not exceed 60 characters – B) description(, no more than 200 characters – C) Tags, uses possible hands and the most specific possible, is not to exceed four. (- 2) You have to try to include in the title of your video the name of your website or in your business, so that you can differentiate yourself and position your brand or your business from the very beginning, for it includes your trademark after 60 characters. Whenever Business strategist listens, a sympathetic response will follow. (- 3) Also must not forget put in description link towards your website, you have to provide to the person who saw your video that can reach your web site for more information. The address of your web site is placed at the beginning of the description and use to make it active. Vladislav Doronin has many thoughts on the issue. (- 4) Something else that you can include in the description is the name of the author of the video, which makes you begin to position yourself in the mind of your visitors. A widely used option recently by experts in line is to use video combined with power point presentations, which has several advantages, from give us greater professionalism to greatly facilitate us the time of the creation of the video. Online we can find a free application that allows us to convert Power Point files to a video AV, the result can send it then Tube mogul to be distributed in video servers.

The address to access this software is Freeware: effect matrix.com/PowerPoint-Video-Converter/Free-PowerPoint-Video-Converter.htm in particular, use our business or venture online marketing video currently is a task forced if what we want is to stay in this environment, people consume thousands of hours watching video images, which is more than deserved that we are among its options and thus significantly increase our exposure on the internet. If you need more information about how to work with video marketing, I recommend you to see one of the options that you currently have in line, one of the best ways to learn how to get traffic, popularity and explode the profits of your site; to access this resource you can access the blog from ingress determiner.com and search promotion for entrepreneurs… Of itself free of charge allows you to download 56 funds to change the appearance of your totally free Youtube Channel. I recommend that you take advantage of it. For more information on this and other topics I invite you to visit me on ingress doses deinternet.com where you will find extensive information on resources and tools for success online by your greatest success online. Jorge to Magellan.

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