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It came the day that all Sinchis all communities and Nations of the Tawantisuyu be prepared to scroll to Caxamarca Marka and see in person the Barbudos water color that had dared to enter the territory which ruled Grand Apu Sapa Inka. Great Apu anda porters were very well rested because they had to run in a hurry carrying his Lord. At the same time all the chasquis came to the four suyus to give the news that the Sapa Inca would be transferred to the Caxamarcas Marka interview with rare men who had long hair in the face. Darcy Stacom shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. They did so carrying the actual quipus of colors where the news and other orders was registered for the Tucricuts of the respective suyus with orders for different chores of aynis that they had to do according to what was planned for that year in that possibly the great Mama Cocha overwhelms by all the great chala. Canada, where were the hot springs, where the great Sapa Inca remained were arriving the day before hundreds of accla goings of several Nations with many offerings of aromatic plants and so as to serve the great Apu Inka and his wives. Came the beautiful accla in the region of Coronguimarka known as the pallas, in the region of mollepatas known as the Quiyayas. They were younger, many of them does not exceed twelve and were selected among the most beautiful of the acllahuasis and precisely existed in those Markas. Wore them to work in many trades, how to help the Coyas in their chores of the day or to tell them the traditions of their peoples, as in the acllahuasis they learned many things that would later play when they reached adulthood, as well as the of be given as wives to some Sinchi who had excelled in any battle or project of the sapa Inca. .

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And it is not earnings. Clear that making money is a good idea of how things are going, but there are other very important statistics you need to improve your business online. One of them, of great importance, is that your visitors do when they go to your site. When someone comes to see what you have to offer, you have (I hope) several ways to earn money. Either with advertising, a major sponsor, an affiliate product or any other way, the only way you win something that is that your visitor do what you expect of him. This may give a click, fill out the form, sign up or else. However, sometimes, even if you have many visitors, nothing more money not come. You can you have lots of visits and still not win anything.

So that you spend it you thought that this make money online is a mugrero and that nothing serves. Before the pots what you’ve done, you must first see what is happening. If you haven’t installed statistics, it would be a good time to do so. Although there are many tools, both basic and advanced, You can use Google Analitics, which is free. The installation is very simple and you will have information the next day. Although there are many important data, first you have to see is the percentage of bounce, or Bounce Rate. This value corresponds to visitors who came to your site and did nothing, just go. For example, if someone comes by a search engine, click on your site and returns using the back button in Internet Explorer, have a rebound.

This means that your visitors do not read your content, did not click on ads, in short, that did nothing. This is why there are sites with hundreds of visitors and no income. Visitors who bounce can hardly count as visitors. Just came and went, so you won nothing with them. For example, if you have a 60% bounce rate, means that 6 people for every 10 do nothing on your site. So, for practical purposes, of every 100 visitors, you can only count on 40. A higher bounce rate is much worse. So, if not You can win money, it can be for this. Monitors your bounce rate, at least once a week. There you will see as you are behaving than going to your site and it is an important indicator for your business. Where you have a high bounce rate, changes necessary to make this lower. A high bounce rate may be due to several things: confusing navigation problems of excessive page loading or lack of images, links, etc. Few changes over time without however, perhaps the simplest is that your content is not being liked by the visitor. If you have a high bounce rate, it works with your website or blog. It improves your navigation and fixes any problem on your site. Once you do this, improve your content to be able to decrease this number. The bounce rate can finish with your Internet business, so you should always present.

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