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Samsung C3212 Duos

SAMSUNG has successfully extends the range of phones Samsung Duos. Mobile phone Samsung C3212 Budget Phone has among his 'fellow' Duos. Samsung C3212 – this is the first budget Duos. Phone as simple as possible, in this case, it is easy to use and copes with its main task, that is, to work simultaneously on two different networks of mobile operators. In the Samsung C3212 Duos comfortably work two SIM-cards, the management regime of the two SIM-cards brought to mind and is very simple. S3212 Duos housing is made from high quality plastic and has no metallic elements. Phone fits comfortably in your hand, it is compact and thin enough. The display is not great, just 2 inches, 128×160 pixels.

And this is despite the fact that all manufacturers are trying to keep a minimum standard of 320×240 pixels. But do not forget that the S3212 Duos is a budget phone and its main function of this call. Especially because the screen is given a good and bright picture. However, when it comes to performance, everything is at minimum: 0.3 mpix camera, 10 Mb RAM. But whether all need a camera phone. Memory can be increased even up to 8 Gb flash drive with microSD.

Not bad that the phone offers support for 3G, EDGE and GPRS. Of course there are Bluetoot, not without its FM-radio. The rest is for many people, just too much (although I do not use it) as a phone, Samsung C3212 copes with its task. The connection quality is good, build quality is already familiar to Samsung mobile phones at high levels. For those who want a phone for calls and for the two networks simultaneously, the device must fit, especially since the price is acceptable and available.

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