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Complainant Association

Such persons are usually the owners are not, but they have the right to privatize the land granted to him in accordance with the project organization and development of the territory of the non-profit organization, or other establish the distribution of land in the non-profit association document. On the basis of paragraph 4 of Art. 28 Federal Law 15.04.1998 66-FZ "On the horticultural, gardening and country non-profit associations of citizens "such persons should seek an appropriate statement in the state executive authority or local authority who has the right to grant this land, with the following documents: – a description of the location of such land, prepared by this citizen – the conclusion of the Board of the nonprofit association, which indicates citizen, who secured a plot of land, and affirms that the specified description of the location of such a plot the location of the land actually used citizen. If none of the earlier members of the nonprofit association does not apply for a land plot in the property, said body may request the following additional documents: – certified by the board of the nonprofit association a copy of title document for the land, the constituent territories of the non-profit organization – an extract from a single State Register of Legal Entities containing the information about the nonprofit association. On the basis of documentary evidence of land ownership, can be carried out State registration of this right. But back to the case. The study documents the Complainant found out that they have the following disadvantages, namely: (1) Decision of the Head of Administration Village Council of the Moscow region on securing land for the plaintiff has the unspecified bug fixes and additions on the amount of land (size of land is changed from 0.12 ha to 0.17 ha, and also says not about "giving" but about "fixing" the land, (2) a certificate of ownership of land 0.17 ha refers to a decree by the head administration of the village council, on the basis of which was issued Certificate of ownership, this decision plaintiff in the trial have been submitted, (3) The certificate of state registration of title was issued after a dispute about the law and after the seizure of an works on a (obscene word) m plot.

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