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Flooring Manufacturers

Laminate flooring manufacturers offer buyers a guarantee stability of the floor to abrasion, which operates from the date of purchase coverage. It can be expected under certain conditions. Laminate flooring should be checked for the presence of flaws to begin immediate work. To have already installed the defective material is not covered. Installation of flooring should be done in compliance with the class load, adhering manual assembly.

Laminate flooring, assembled in a humid environment, the guarantee can not be replaced. worn fragments of area not less than 1 sq. km. see must be clearly visible on the laminate floor. In this case, count the damage only the decorative layer.

Damaged parts resulting from loads exceeding the standards recommended by the class will not be secured by the guarantee. Claims must be presented to the producer, not later than 30 days the detection of wear. Manufacturers the right to inspect the floor in place, in order to verify compliance with the requirements of buyer's warranty. Producers of Laminate must replace the damaged pieces in all cases stipulated by the warranty. According to her they are not liable for additional costs to consumers associated with laying and dismantling of the provision of new panels as well as their transportation.

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