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Throughout the day, his mother and I met had significantly true of the word DESPAIR. On the one hand the helplessness of not being able to do more to improve DANIELA because he was in a coma, intubated with a number of devices that controlled the respiraciom, serum flow, temperature, heart rate, etc etc etc . It was really distressing to see our only child in that state. Past the first few hours after we learned of the seriousness of the matter, we think the worst. Perhaps Daniel’s life was about to end. The strength of faith can move mountains. Daniela was born on July 7, 2004, as I said earlier, and July is the month of which professes faith that my wife .. In those days of unemployment and the state of coma, our days were truly catastrophic.

However, the parents could love more than anything others. Many friends, relatives and companions in hospital, told us it was better than “God took her.” That and this little girl “NO would remain the same.” That is likely to remain “piped” lifetime. That never again if you want to smile, all contributed to discourage us. Only the faith we cling to BELIEVE that our daughter could be saved. Many doctors indolent and with the belief that they are gods, we were told that probably in the next few days we should expect the worst because she was really very bad. He had suffered derangement in dissolved salts or electrolytes in the blood and levels of sodium and potassium back and forth like a seesaw.

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