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Article by Michael Letcher Central West Florida, sinkholes appear to be threatening a much larger area of?growth as they continue to contribute. Ground penetrating radar found debris buried beneath Dorsett Park and depressions in the underground soil, a condition indicative of sinkhole development. By MARK SCHANTZ The Suncoast News TARPON SPRINGS It will cost the city an estimated $51000 to The sewer line collapsed and created a giant sinkhole at 15 and Hayes, in 2004. The county was charged $54 million for the repairs that should have cost$ 29 million. Tumblr pursues this goal as well. The lawsuit also names more than a dozen contractors. Macomb Public Works Commissioner By Summer Dawn Hortillosa/The Jersey Journal Joe Shine photoJoel Teutonic of the Hoboken Office of Emergency Management helps out, trying to cover the sink hole at Third Street and Park Avenue in Hoboken to get the street open for rush hour. As the AFP is reporting, the 65-year-old Guatemala City resident returned to find a three-foot-wide, 40-foot-deep sinkhole beneath her bed. The hole may be tiny compared to a larger, 330-foot-deep sinkhole that formed nearby in 2007 and left three. Drew Houston shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand.

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