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Cristobal Colon was a surprise when he reached the island in 1492 the Spanish called La Hispaniola (now Dominican Republic and Haiti), and he received a young taino Prince a pair of shoes decorated with amber in the Caribbean, in exchange for a collar of Baltic amber that he had offered him. In homage to this exotic stone, the Dominican Republic celebrated each year the contest of Miss international beauty amber, this being the only competition which has headquarters year after year in the Dominican Republic. The city of Puerto Plata is located in the most complete Museum of amber, fact that It has given way to more scientific research. Puerto Plata was taken as one of the starting points in the first edition of the hit film Jurassic Park. An interesting and complete the amber Museum is located in the city of Santo Domingo. It is a private museum, called world of amber, which contains a wide presentation of this stone and its varieties, its history, trained guides and to a demonstration of how well this beautiful stone is extracted. Even when some of the amber is mined above the Southeast, notably around Bayaguana, the greater part of Dominican amber found in the part of the Cordillera Septentrional, which is located between Santiago and Puerto Plata, being able to distinguish two districts: or North District.

Located in Juan de Nina and Rancho Abrosio sections. When compared with amber from the Southern District, amber in this district tend to be more fragile and break with the heat. There are three varieties of amber found in this district: 1. A pale yellow amber and clear; extremely fragile, soft, no vegetable matter or insects. 2. A less fragile, a little more hard, yellow amber with internal fractures and vegetable matter. 3. A fairly hard blue amber with inclusions of impurities (all blue amber contains some impurities).

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