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The choice of treatment for an affective disorder in a child depends on many factors; the personality of the child, the nature of the problem, the willingness of the family to participate in treatment, family economic resources and, frequently, the orientation of the professional who is consulted in the first instance. Psychological treatment can take several forms. In some situations the parents must be present, as in family therapy. Here the therapist observes the family as a whole, the way they interact and points out their working patterns, which both help as those who do not. The child, whose problems are forcing the family to resort to therapy is sometimes, paradoxically the healthiest Member but who responds to a problematic family situation. Through this therapy parents can confront their own differences and begin to resolve them; they are also the first to begin to solve the problems of the child.

In individual psychotherapy therapist attends children one-on-one to help them to increase the knowledge of their own personality and their relationships and to interpret their feelings and behaviors. This can be useful in a phase of great stress in the life of the child, as the death of one of their parents, even when the child did not give signs of disturbance. Child Psychotherapy is more effective when combined with counseling to parents. In therapy behavioral principles of learning theory are used to change behavior: seeks to eliminate the undesirable behaviors and develop the desirable. A behavioral psychologist does not seek the reasons that lie behind the conduct (unlike psychodynamic or psychoanalytic therapy), and its main objective is the change the behavior. During the years 80s increased the use of drug therapy to combat the emotional problems of childhood. Currently the antidepressants are formulated for severe conditions of the mood and in cases where the child has not responded well to other alternative therapies that many drugs cause effects collateral and in many cases, only reduce unwanted symptoms without eliminating the real cause that produces them. Psychological therapy is generally very helpful, to the point that even with medication altering, his employment should not delete psychotherapy. If you want to know more about this topic and others of psychology, or if you want to make me a free and personalized online consultation enters original author and source of the article

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