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SMS Communication For Medical Clinics

Methods of using SMS reminder for appointments. a Today should be noted that one of the best methods to contact people are mobile phones, given the possibility to use them at any time of day. a In addition, SMS communication ensures the immediate receipt, confirmation of reading and has a higher readership and response to other media like email. Therefore communication is half fast, reliable and affordable as a reminder of appointments. a Moreover medical clinics are increasingly computerized and are adapting to new technologies.

Many already have a database to record all patients and PDAs have a reminder for appointments. For this reason, should consider the benefits of communication via SMS. a One of the main advantages is as follows: Patients receive SMS appointment reminder some time before the meeting, avoiding accidental forgetfulness of the patient and providing a sufficient period for the cancellation of the same in case you can not attend. a This leads to better management of appointments, and a significant reduction in economic costs (telephone calls, mail, ..) to avoid accidental loss of revenue (patient to forget the appointment) and not less important gain time employees, as the person who was dedicated to make calls or send letters to remember appointments, can focus on other more important tasks. a Another advantage is that the messaging system may be included in an agenda-SMS to the doctor might write down your appointments and calendar system send an automatic SMS reminder for them. The SMS is send personalized to each patient. a In addition to the above the SMS would have guaranteed coverage and cost really cheap. a If you consider it a good form of communication and would like to try it you can request a free trial of the service providers, so you can test the reliability and application usage.

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