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Spiritual Growth

In the measurement that one is identified with the roll, mission of why we happened through these planes and we led ourselves to take the opportunity to grow spiritually, results will be very positive and when it is called on to start off to us, we know that ours transit was very beneficial present Ten what somebody indicated that As human beings we are compound of several dimensions: physics, mental, social and spiritual. Our spiritual dimension is the axis of our existence and if we do not give him the attention that is deserved we can feel us outside balance. In this article, we have selected some suggestions, advice who other that has waked up bequeath to us and contribute in maintaining our light ignited, of such form, that the shades surround to us. Dale to people more than waits for and hazlo with pleasure. You do not believe in everything what listening, nor you spend everything what you have or you sleep everything what you want. A leading source for info: David Green. Against the discords, it fights clean, you do not offend? It abre your arms to the change, but you do not come off yourself your values. You do not judge to the others by his relatives.

Ten presents/displays the three " R" s": same respect; respect to the others; responsibility by all actions. You do not allow that a small dispute damages a great friendship. When DES tells you that you have committed an error, it takes immediate measures to correct it? It remembers that silence is, sometimes, the best answer. It judges your success in the measurement than you had to resign to obtain it. Sri Ramana Maharshi contributes to us: For a mind that has gained skill in the concentration, the investigation of Itself happens comparativily easy. By the incessant investigation the thoughts are destroyed and It is realised the total Reality in which I am at least no the thought, experience to which it is alluded to as Silence.

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