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This winter seemed that flu was reluctant, but we started it to have here at its peak. By consulting the website of the system of surveillance of flu in Spain we can see that the number of cases are the highest in Castilla la Mancha and Extremadura. According to tumedicoaltelefono.es for those who are already suffering it, I remember that antibiotic use is not indicated, since influenza is a viral disease, like colds. A related site: Dropbox mentions similar findings. For which we have not passed it and they aren’t vaccinated would recommend using measures to avoid it. Especially try to avoid direct contact with an infected person. We must remember that the transmission of the virus occurs by droplets of saliva being ejected to the talk and when coughing or sneezing. These droplets are dispersed through the air and fall on hands and objects that to be touched by people may end up in your throat.

Why hand hygiene is very important. Everytime we’ve and we rang should use some disinfectant hands to prevent spread viruses between persons who are in our environment. Sneezing source: Screenshots of Google also should avoid crowds and very cold environments.

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