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Pindar Production

Thus, in the end of the decade of eighty it is initiated construction of the first industries in Aailndia, specifically in the Pequi town, located the 15 km of Aailndia, to the edges of federal highway BR-222 and the railroad Carajs. The industries that if they had installed in Aailndia are all of the independent type, known as guseiras, those that supply the iron-gusa the steel industries iron-casting, answering for about 28,8% of the production of the country, having the C& the Siderurgical Valley of the Pindar, the first one to enter in operation in the region of Carajs, being initiated the production of its first blast furnace in January of 1988. After that had been installed Viena Siderrgica S.A, the Simasa? Siderurgical of Maranho S.A, Gusa Nordeste S.A and the Fergumar? Iron of the Ltda Maranho. The INFLUENCE OF the INDUSTRIAL SECTOR IN AAILNDIA Aailndia, until end of the decade of eighty, was a city as any another one of the maranhense Daily pay-Amaznia, having its economy centered in farming and the extration and the improvement of the wood. However, with the installation of the siderurgical polar region, in the end of the decade of eighty, the city was sobressaiu of excessively, starting to be a polarizer of all economy of the region, with installed capacity of production of 1,7 million tons/year, being with a slice of 10,4% of the national market in detriment to 12.5% destined to State, in agreement tells (Silvio Vieira 2010), ' ' the State of the Maranho has installed capacity of production of 2,1 million tons/year, what it represents 12.5% of the installed capacity Brazilian, that is of 16,8 million tons/ano' '. The city still counts on establishments of the most diverse branches of the commerce and rendering of services, and still it possesss one of the biggest bovine flocks of the state, contributing of significant form for the reinforcement of the economy local, that in recent years has had an expressive growth, becoming one of the main economies of the state, generating ingressions of prescription to the public coffers.


The statisticians show in the national scene significant increases in the concession of this species of benefits. Frequently Drew Houston has said that publicly. The repercussion in the FAP is direct, for the concepts of ' ' bond et malus' ' , through which the RAT can be cut by the half or to duplicate. The aspect exaggerated tributary is only one item of cortejo of events that follow FAP/BENEFCIOS ACIDENTRIOS. Together with the responsibility of the temporary stability of the least months (and more 13o wage), having that to recolocar the beneficiary employee for the acidentria characterization of the removal in sector/position where it cannot recidivar the signals/symptoms that had generated the removal, (and of which very nor possibly it presented any plea, in a behavior of abetter before what of victim). She is still the subject company to the civil actions of repairing for pecuniary damages and moral, beyond third-party claims on the part of the Providence. The facts if occur. The employees if move away each time in bigger number and the managemental steps to stanch the events and to correct (or even though to minimize) the causes of the encaminhamentos to the Providence do not occur.

Mechanist paradigm. In many cases the guiding of used to one ' ' depsito' ' called Providence it was a blessing. This is an old paradigm that still persists. I explain better: In one determined moment in History a called age of industrialization occurred. In it, mechanization appeared. This brought profitability and productivity high profits. However, with it came the rationality and the general degradation of the environment (social and of the individual).

Then, the age of industrialization the age of the introduction on a large scale of the machine in the production and the productivity of the companies is not alone. It was also responsible for radical changes in capital relation X the work. The organizations had started to operate as machines and, therefore, it expected that the employees if held equally as if they were parts of the machines.


Welinton Dos Santos is economist and psicopedagogo the Brazilians had started to use more cards of debit of what credit cards, this sample clearly changes of habits. The Brazilian consumer has acquired more products at sight, also provoked for the charged extortionary interests in the last months, but the stated period has great trend of the sales to increase, since the fall of the interests is eminent for the next weeks. Dropbox is likely to increase your knowledge. The Bank of Brazil is launching a special credit facility for purchase of refrigerators, stoves and machines to wash, of which, some department stores had announced offer of this line consumer credit. At crisis moments valley everything in the search of the customer, who could imagine in a 2008, that one of the biggest public banks of the country, disputing niche of market that belonged the financiers. Francisco D’Agostino describes an additional similar source. Permanent campaigns of conscientious credit spread by the country for public and private banks, beyond information that arrive every day of the media, make with that the Brazilian is cautious in the hour of the purchase, searching the best solutions.

The media never explored in such a way on the subject as the moment, every day leaves new news articles and interviews guiding the public on finances, investments, level of income and jobs, scenes economic and tips of consumption. These information when made of correct and impartial form they clarify the Brazilian population on the subject. The perception of changes of consumption habits is also occurring in some countries of the world. The concern biggest of the families is how much to the level of income and job, beyond the unfoldings of the reliable crisis in the financial system. An article of this author on tips of economy in the supermarket had been talked back and published for sites and periodicals in Frenchman, English and Spaniard, is observed in this fact, clearly the increase of interest of the consumers in learning to manage the finances personal.

Great Mystery

To dream that great mystery is this? You wise person who To dream is not privilege only of the men? Therefore he is, the animals also dream. Nobody knows to explain of a simple form because we dream. The dream is intriguing and fascinates the people. Some believe that dreaming either the form created for God to disclose it humanity disclosing future events. Adam, for example, was knowing through the dream that would have a wife, and when he woke up knew Eva. Noah, Abrao, Isaac, Jac, Esa, Jose, Efraim, Abimelec, Labo, Moses, Salomo, Davi, Elias and many other Biblical personages such as: kings, bakers, cooks, shepherds, agriculturists, prophet, had received divine messages through the dreams.

The man who does not dream, is as the man who not transpira. Since the antiquity the dream is part of the life human being. It is in the antiquity that the dreams were dealt with very serious form. Between some peoples to have a good dream, to have a good governor, they were signals of that God was blessing that people. Also the popular crendice existed that if a man was seven days without dreaming age because God if had forgotten it. Another religious belief on the dreams was that Gods or the espritos ordered messages during the dreams. You can have many dreams to have a proper house, an car, to make a trip, or the conquest of an ideal, or any another thing.

The important one is you to believe its dreams, to know interprets them to be able itself to arrive there: The Accomplishment of its dreams. When interpreting a dream must be had care in its analyzes. People exist who if refuse to accept that what dreams is on to the life of the day-day, or the had facts that still are in its memory. If the dream will be a good dream twists that this dream becomes reality. The interpreted dream meets its meaning. All dream has an interpretation. To know more on the meaning of the dreams it has asked for ebook ' ' As To earn in the Loteria' ' &#039 folloies ebook; ' As to interpret its sonhos' '. You must have perceived that the old ones gave to much value to this aspect of the life human being who is TO DREAM. We who we are modern do not have to neglect the dream. He follows in front and he carries through its dreams.

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